About Us

Your resource guide to cultural creative businesses in Long Beach


Cyndy Fowler

Namaste, Long Beach! Cyndy here. I moved to Long Beach in 1987 and began my love affair with this city. My business background is the world of fashion.  My career took me all over the world, visiting many beautiful cities but Long Beach will always be where my heart resides! 

I am one of the amazing women creating the quintessential resource guide for the Cultural Creative Community that has been thriving quietly here in Long Beach.  I believe this platform, in both the printed and digital versions, will elevate the unique businesses and nonprofits who are doing crucial work and finding solutions in the Artistic, Creative, Holistic and Sustainable Communities.  There is much more that unites us than divides us within these circles.

These circles all come together in their core values.  Caring for the individual as well as the Collective We. Caring for our friends and families as well as our neighbors, regardless of their ethnic background, religious or spiritual beliefs. Caring for new people who move to or visit our beautiful city of Long Beach. Caring for the environment locally as well as globally and willing to change any habits or old ways of thinking that don’t align with these values.

Coastal Catalyst is coming to Long Beach and we want to engage with YOU every step of the way as we build and continually improve our product which will serve both the businesses as well as the Greater Long Beach Community.


Maria MejiaSocial transformation begins right here at home. For me, that’s Long Beach.  This is a city where creativity flourishes.  Not surprisingly, there are some alternative businesses that deserve more attention for their originality and their contribution to creating a more positive culture. 

Hi, I’m Maria.  I believe that a small group of people working together can change the world.  I’ve seen change for the greater good happen in my lifetime.  Coastal Catalyst intends to elevate the visibility of culturally creative businesses in our local community and inspire the growth of a social movement where people care about more than just making money.  They also care about each other, the planet, social justice, peace, and authenticity. Imagine that for a moment.  I can.